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OmNatura Yoga: It is above all taking the time to have a break, rest, practice simple yoga postures suitable for beginners, breathing exercises, singing, meditation, but also dance, self-massages, silent walks in a setting conducive to relaxation.

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Upcoming events

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4 Days in the South of France - Dates to be determined

The course will take place in the magnificent setting of Mas de Bacalan.  The property is located in Provence, among the vineyards, at the foot of Mont Ventou, on the outskirts of the village of Mormoiron.

The practices will be guided in French and/or English.

To whom is this retreat addressed ?

This retreat is an invitation to a moment of relaxation where you can explore postures suitable for beginners. The goal is to anchor yourself in the present moment and leave aside the mental turmoil.


Over the course of 4 days, you will gently immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga. 

The sessions will include simple postures adapted according to the Viniyoga tradition, breathing exercises, guided meditations and mantra recitations.


These practices are designed to strengthen the mind-body connection, while respecting your individual pace and abilities.


Learn to balance your body and calm your mind using ancestral techniques.


 The retreat will take place under the condition of a minimum of 7 registrations with a maximum of 12  participants

Stéphanie Malapel, teacher certified by the Viniyoga Foundation; France

    Practicing yoga for over thirty years, I decided in 2019 to follow yoga teacher training with Bernard Bouanchaud, within theViniyoga foundation of France. This yoga has therapeutic virtues based on postures and breathing techniques. It is time for me to share and transmit the first essential bases of this rich teaching. Since yoga requires years of practice, only very simple postures will be discussed here, also intended for beginners.

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