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Stéphanie Malapel, teacher certified by the Viniyoga Foundation; France


    Practicing yoga for over thirty years, I decided in 2019 to follow yoga teacher training with Bernard Bouanchaud, within theViniyoga foundation of France. This yoga has therapeutic virtues based on postures and breathing techniques. It is time for me to share and transmit the first essential bases of this rich teaching. Since yoga requires years of practice, only very simple postures will be discussed here, also intended for beginners.

    The Yoga Retreats

    The courses are an invitation to take a moment for yourself, a break during which,  thanks to very simple asana (postures) and the work of breathing and  voice, you will fully connect to the present moment.  A time to silence the mind which can be so talkative.

    Since everything passes through the body, and it is our temple, we will dedicate to it the time and attention it deserves. 


    I will share with you small texts often from Patanjali's yoga sutras and we will take the time to settle down for still journeys, times of meditation. 


    Together we will connect to this special moment that is the here and now, in inner joy and simplicity, and in a place that I have chosen for its beauty. 


    I look forward to welcoming you to one of my next courses.

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